As more and more bridal companies are asking for a booking fee, and it is causing some heated discussion between brides to be on social media, I thought it would be worthwhile shedding some light on this issue.

Unfortunately for most of us, its the few less than scrupulous individuals that make things that bit harder for others.

We all know the phrase “time is money”, well it is true, and never more so than for a business that works on an appointment basis. Not bothering to turn up, cancelling at the last minute (unless it is truly unavoidable, we do know life happens) or just coming for a fun day out to play dress up and have a free glass of bubbly, all adds up to lost time and revenue for the company involved. Not to mention the fact that often another bride would have loved the booking but as it was not available they had to be turned down.

Sad to say it is becoming ever more prevalent so in an effort to try and weed out possible time wasters many companies have opted to charge a small booking fee.
Having said that we don’t actually charge a booking fee but we have had the frustration of all the above mentioned problems so we are sympathetic to the bridal companies that feel the need to go down this route.

In the great scheme of things I don’t think it’s such a bad thing, after all you get to wear some fabulous gowns, and in the case of our company, try on spectacular headpieces and veils with the benefit of expert advice and help.

Any booking fee paid goes toward any purchase you make so at the end of the day your appointment cost you nothing at all, it was simply a small transaction of trust between you and the company.

Even if after paying the fee, if the person does not bother to turn up, trust me, the company is very much out of pocket and your small payment will not begin to cover costs. So for those that think it is just another way to make money out of brides to be, you are mistaken. Hopefully this will have helped to explain and give some understanding and appreciation on this matter.

Like us, most bridal businesses love what they do and will go the extra mile to give you a wonderful experience and invaluable help in making great choices to add to your special day.

So what do you think? Would you be happy to pay a booking fee?

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