Accessorising Guide

The following is a general guide to accessorising, as in most things there is always the exception to the rule, Be creative and keep in mind that all our designs can be tailor made to work for you.


Designed to sit in the centre of the head going across from side to side. It stands up and can be various heights. General rule of thumb, tiara no higher than the hair behind it. smooth/low hair, smaller design, big hair, big tiara!

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Any style and type of design that is worn on the head, From traditional to the unconventional, and everything in between.

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Alice Band

Sits like a hairband and is usually flat, although some contour and texture can raise it slightly so as not to be lost in the hair.

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These can either sit directly across the forehead or along the hairline. As they are usually vintage inspired they work with any gown from 20’s through to the latest bohemian styles inspired by the 60’s.

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Side Band

A piece that sits on one side of the head. Can be any size, small and discreet or more imposing and running from the side right to the top of the head.

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