Hints and Tips for the Big Day


Go for good fitting comfortable shoes, remember you will be on your feet a long time and if the shoes pinch, your face will show a pinched expression! Not flattering, and not what you want to see on your photos. You can dress up your shoes with shoe clips designed and made to complement the rest of your accessories. Contact us to find out about our designer range of shoe clips.

Break in your shoes as soon as possible. Wear them around the house at every opportunity. Pull big loose white socks over them to help keep them clean and hidden from view! By the time the big day arrives they will fit like a glove!

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Select comfortable well fitting underwear! Smooth lines are usually better, as lace and bows etc. can sometimes look like bumps on the fabric. Check the style of bra is suitable for your gown. (Many gowns can be worn without a bra, try it and see).

When purchasing your bra, check with the store about returns. Explain it is for your wedding, and needs to work with the gown. M & S are usually very accomodating.

If you must have fancy lacey undies buy them for your honeymoon!

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The right veil with a gown looks stunning - the key is to get the right one! They come in a range of lengths, shades, styles, designs and finishes. Here at Baba-C Designs, we have one of the largest and most comprehensive collection of veils. If you want to wear a veil, we will ensure you have a veil that fits perfectly with your gown!

Unfortunately, most bridal stores do not carry enough styles to cover the gown range. Do not despair, contact us and we will give you a free consultaion on the best options for your gown. We will also advise on the most secure way to wear it, so you an relax on your big day, knowing you look fantastic and everything is secure!

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Tiaras come in many shapes and sizes, (we do them all), and depending on your hairstyle, shape of face, colouring, and gown design, you will find some more suitable than others. With this in mind, all our designs can be altered to suit your look perfectly. We fit all our tiaras with loops to give a secure yet comfortable fit and we offer a free consulation service to advise you on the best options for you.

A tiara not for you? We also do pins, combs, clips, clasps, wire weaves, coronets, crowns, snoods, mini hats, alice bands, fascinators, hair vines, studs and head bands - in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Contact us to find out more and know which is the best choice for you.

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When selecting jewellery for your wedding day, you should take into account the other accessories you plan to wear, in order to get a balanced look. Too much will detract from you, and too little will look as if you forgot something! The style and neckline of your dress are very important here too.

All the jewellery range in Baba- C Designs is styled to complement the hair accessories and veils in the collections, and like everything else we do, it is finished to suit your requirements. This not only gives you a say in the design but the assurance that it will all co-ordinate perfectly.

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Be comfortable with all that you choose! Who cares what celebs are wearing! Many have more money than taste! It is great if all your family and friends love what you choose, but even if they don’t it doesn’t matter. It is your day, your choices, and anyone who really cares for you will be happy for you anyway! At Baba-C Designs all our brides are gorgeous, we won’t let you choose anything less than the best designs to suit you.

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Dress Train

Your train can be bustled up at night to make moving and dancing easier. Most dress shops can advise on this. You can have over, or under bustling, some designs are more suited to one than the other. A bustle brooch is a decorative piece that pins onto the dress - contact us if this is of interest to you, we design to order.

Detachable trains are also an option - if you are having your dress made, discuss this with your dressmaker. We have a range of veils with detachable trains. Contact us to find out more.

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Bridesmaids are there to work and see that the bride has everything she needs and looks stunning all the time! It is a privelege to be asked and an honour to help the bride achieve her dream day. They are of course allowed to look fabulous as they perform this task - we have a great range of accessories to choose from, and they come in a vast range of colours. We do jewellery for bridesamids too. These sets make great gifts for the girls.

Bridesmaids often are a mix of shapes and sizes.They do not all have to be the same, they could all have different style dresses more suited to their shapes, but keep the colour as the theme. The same applies to hair accessories. They may all feel comfortable with different hairstyles, but they can have different accessories but all made from the same components and in the same colours to keep it co-ordinated. Contact us to find out more.

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This is a range of designs which do exactly that - convert into something else. Veils with detachable trains. Decorative vines that sit on the veil comb but come off when the veil is removed and can be pinned back into the hair. Studs that are clipped on the veil and then remocved and clipped into the hair. Earrings that can be converted into a pendant style necklace. Headbands that can be worn as a necklace and vice versa.

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Wedding Album

If your dress is being made or altered, ask your dressmaker for a piece of the fabric to insert in the back of your album. It is lovely to see the fabric close up, as often detail is lost in the photographs.

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The Reception

The day will go past in a flash - take a moment to stand back and just observe, this is the only time in your life where you will have all the people who love you most in the world in the same room at the same time. Quite a thought, savour it!

Don’t worry if all does not go smoothly - after all you want some stories to tell all the other brides-to-be! Make up your mind to have great day and you will!

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After the Big Day

Often you are very sentimental about your gown and do not want to part with it. Perhaps you would consider selling it on and let someone else get the benefit. Buy a nice piece of jewellery as a keepsake. After all, you will have the photos, the CD and the memories all stored in your head - priceless!

If you cannot bear to part with it, have it restyled as a christening robe or have a lovely pillow made to sit on your bed and remind you of your wedding day! The alternative is to put it in a cupboard or the loft, where it eventually surfaces as a dressing up item, or worse, has been badly stored and fit only for the bin, don't let that happen to you!

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